26 May, 2020

Pandemic-period ponderings: Positivity or Denial?

We're in the middle of a pandemic. There's a new disease in the air. The news cycles are full of them. Experts are trying to get to know the virus, its source, its whereabouts and its effects. Every day brings to us new information, new symptoms, different ways to try to keep ourselves safe and out of the healthcare system that could get OVERWHELMED! That's not a pretty picture.

It's true that it's all-new. It's all confusing. It's also true that there is also been misinformation. We're all trying to make sense of it. And I get it that the panic is getting to a lot of us and getting the better of us.

But when we look out for the 'positive' must we block out all the news? 🤔

Have you posed this question to yourself? Have you figured out which side of the fine line you are on? And what about the people around you? What are the arguments you've been hearing? What are your thoughts?

I reiterate -- In our lookout for 'the positive,' must we block out all the news?

Pandemic-period Ponderings - Panic Shopping?

For the Record: These are pictures from the third week of March 2020. The world was in an unusual state. Italy was going through what might have been its worst days of the Covid19 pandemic. Parts of the US were bracing for the big hit. Tech. companies in Silicon Valley had already started working from home and the different counties of California were trying to decide what was the best course of action to be taken for schools. It was a few days before the state was asked to shelter in place and we had heard of the panic shopping that was going on in the area around us.

It was a Saturday. We had books to be returned to the library and some grocery shopping to be done and this was what we saw at a Safeway store that day:

The potatoes were almost gone. 

Hand Soap -- All Gone!!

This was the bottled water aisle, I think. I was glad we were filtering our drinking water. :)

I had pasta on my shopping list but didn't find the kind I wanted. 
And the other stores in town were -- I heard -- in a worse situation. My social media timelines and WhatsApp groups were a show of shock and anger and frustration. And it got me thinking. Somehow my thoughts were different. 😶

What do you see in the pictures above? 

People only thinking of themselves? 


People trying to prepare for a shutdown -- something they've never known before? 🤔