31 August, 2008

Gone is my childhood

`Georgie Porgie pudding and pie
Kissed the girls and made them cry….’
Once upon a time this was the song that amused me most.

Gone are those days when teddy bears were my best friends, playing `mommy’ and `ma’am’ (teacher) were my biggest achievements and lollipops – the yummiest things in the world. Cotton candies were good too but I never got to taste those big fluffy white ones in the sky.

Oh those dreadful colds I frequently caught! How I hated them because they were the monsters who were responsible for my being tucked in bed when all I wanted to do was play. `Play’ reminds me of many a time I was injured on the knees and elbows. The blood that flowed out of there always made me howl and cry. Mamma’s kisses were the only tranquillizers that worked.

Back then, you know what worried me the most? The thought of a tree growing out of my mouth every time I swallowed one of those orange seeds. There were silly adults who actually told me that that was quite possible.

My older brother had his share of fun every time he asked me the spelling of `banana.’ Well, it wasn’t really tough provided someone stopped me from saying too many `NAs.’(I would go on: b-a-n-a-n-a-n-a… Well, I didn’t quite know if the `NA’ had to be said two or three times to complete the spelling of the word.)

That was so many years ago. There are many enchanting memories too. Snow White was the prettiest girl I could imagine and Cinderella, the luckiest ever. However the wicked wolf that killed Little Red Riding Hood’s grandmother often haunted my dreams and made me scream at night. And `Sleeping Beauty’ had to be read out to me to put me to sleep again.

Looking back, I realise that I have left behind that fairytale land. Pixies, gnomes and dwarfs are almost forgotten. Those volumes of `Goldilocks’ and `Beauty and the Beast' are covered with dust and even `Little Mermaid’ and `Puss in Boots.’

`This old man’ and `I’m a little Teapot' have become ancient numbers. I have given up trying to count the stars. My dolls have become senile and weak. One of Sony’s legs has been amputated, Lucy is bedridden and Willie, probably resting in peace...
... Gone are those days. Gone is my childhood. :(


  1. Words are made sound so beautiful when thoughts are penned down!
    It's lovely.. as always! :) :)


  2. I love it... brings back memories of, well in some cases 5 minutes ago cause I still think of a lot of those things:-) I just don't want to grow up fully I guess.

  3. :) simply love your piggy bank post.