07 September, 2008

From the pages of memory*

To mamma’s finger I held tight
Fighting tears with all my might
My cream and brown uniform wear
Telling me that I belonged there.

The milk and bread and potato stew,
The smiling nannies and buddies new,
The cosy beds and counterpanes chrome.
All seemed to say, `Feel at home.’

Our friendly teachers made classes fun
They taught us to count right from one,
Songs and rhymes and many a fairytale,
And of course the manners so essential.

There were lessons we learnt at play
With pots and pans and modeling clay
On the swing, jungle gym, and merry-go-round
From quarrels and accidents on the playground.

Teenage transformed us to mischievous beasts
Full of pranks, gossips and midnight feasts,
Breaking rules almost everyday,
Punishments too came our way

The years like wind flew past
And time, its wicked spell cast
Like every good thing that must come to an end
Those carefree school days, away they went.

*a melange of memories of my school life at Cliffs School and Nazareth Convent High School.


  1. That was a lovely one ... brought back thoughts of the cream shirt,brown skirt and red jersey.Three cheers to our dear school :)

  2. so nicely written girl! i guess that too was the consequence of schooling..lolz

  3. Thanks Sherin.
    Ha ha... or the memories that these schools gave me, or both :)