17 March, 2009

Happy Birthday World Wide Web

In the last few years e-revolution has climbed unfathomable heights, re-defined communication and undoubtedly shrunken the world into what is called the global village. The World Wide Web, which unraveled so many new avenues and gave us facilities we never even dreamt of in the wildest of our dreams, has just hit twenty years. Happy Birthday to the World Wide Web.

Dear WWW,
Here’s wishing you a very happy birthday and many more years to live. Life must have been easier a few decades ago, but can it be any simpler now without you. You’ve become so much a part of your lives and I can’t even imagine a world without you.
What if there was no Tim Berners-Lee and that document titled `Information Management: A Proposal?’ And what if it were never handed over to his supervisor Mike Sendall? Would we have ever known of WWW, which was once a vision, then a luxury and now an almost inevitable need?

Now that you have been around for a while and transformed the lives of us mere mortals, we are so hooked to you that I wonder what would become of us if some misfortune befell you?

Oh Gosh! What would I do without e-mails and IMs? How would I catch up with friends and family? What would I do without Orkut and Facebook? How would I vicariously attend weddings, see the better halves of my friends and their little juniors? And how would we reminiscence those good old school and college days?

Who could I possibly turn to if I couldn’t access the all-knowing Wikipedia, Dictionary.com and the omnipotent Google? Without you, how would I show off on Shelfari, the books I’ve read and the ones I am currently engrossed in? Now that I am taking a break from work, how would I keep in touch with writing if not for your connecting me to Wordpress and Blogspot? Sitting in San Jose, how would I know what was happening in my motherland, on the other side of the world if not for those online newspapers and live TVs you bring to my living room?

Online radios, movie sites and music videos on You Tube are also so much a part of my lifestyle. What if……. (oh, my head spins!!). Long live the internet, long live the World Wide Web. May you have many many more birthdays dear WWW. Happy Birthday once again.

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