24 June, 2009

Sleeping baby and mixed feelings

One of my favourite pastimes these days, seems to be watching my newborn baby as he sleeps.

What joy it gives to look at those cute little hands and feet. I swear those pink fingers with those teeny-weeny nails on them are one of the most adorable things on earth. Oh! how I love watching his every small move, when he is lost in slumber. And those baby snores... they sure do put a smile on my face.

The little one's face looks so peaceful and angelic when he sleeps oblivious of all the worldly noises from near and far. Suddenly those tiny lips break into a smile. In no time there is a frown where the smile was. Sometimes it's a look that says he is just about to burst out crying. A second or two goes by and then that beautiful smile returns; only to be replaced by an expression that clearly says he is terrified by something, closely followed by some short and heavy breathing. The pained look on his face tugs at my heart and all I want to do is just wake him up and say: Its only a dream, son. But then, on second thoughts, I'd rather not! Perhaps it is nature's way of preparing him to take on just about anything. (or is it?)


  1. Awww.... Divi!!! Such a beautiful post!!! :)

    Am short of words, so here's a big hug to make up for that!!! <3

  2. Thank you, Ranju.
    Hugs to u too.