28 July, 2009

A 'first' but no celebration this time

A baby's first year is usually a very overwhelming and thrilling one for his or her parents. How else should it be if had so many firsts in it: the first smile, the first roll over, the first word, first tooth, first step...and the list goes on.

And why shouldn't it be overwhelming? After all each one of these firsts is undoubtedly a milestone, something you look forward to and celebrate once it is hit.

Our two-month old son will be getting the third shot in the list of his vaccines to be had in the first year of birth. His doctor says this injection just might give him a fever -- his first fever -- if he gets it. Now that's one `first' we are not looking forward to at all. :-(

07 July, 2009

Made in China; very very American

4th of July: Yes Independence Day; American (and indeed a very American way to mention America's Independence Day). I take out a clean bib for my little one to wear (mind you, its brand new. I had saved it for inauguration on this day). On it is written: Baby's first 4th. There are a few small stars and one big star in the bib. And within the big star are a couple of tiny white stars on a blue background, which in turn lies against a backdrop red horizontal stripes on white (Yeah, the American flag it is).

The little red and blue bib was a gift from a friend, here in the US; a gift she brought when she came to see the little one. That sure is a sweet little patriotic gesture, thought I, when I was about to put it away at night.

I casually flip it over and what must I see --a tag which says `Made in China.' I couldnt help smiling. Very very American.

Having been living in the United States for almost a year now, if anybody were to ask me what America is famous for, I'd say: `Made in China' tags.

I wouldn't be surprised if even the American flags I see around here, were made in China.