07 July, 2009

Made in China; very very American

4th of July: Yes Independence Day; American (and indeed a very American way to mention America's Independence Day). I take out a clean bib for my little one to wear (mind you, its brand new. I had saved it for inauguration on this day). On it is written: Baby's first 4th. There are a few small stars and one big star in the bib. And within the big star are a couple of tiny white stars on a blue background, which in turn lies against a backdrop red horizontal stripes on white (Yeah, the American flag it is).

The little red and blue bib was a gift from a friend, here in the US; a gift she brought when she came to see the little one. That sure is a sweet little patriotic gesture, thought I, when I was about to put it away at night.

I casually flip it over and what must I see --a tag which says `Made in China.' I couldnt help smiling. Very very American.

Having been living in the United States for almost a year now, if anybody were to ask me what America is famous for, I'd say: `Made in China' tags.

I wouldn't be surprised if even the American flags I see around here, were made in China.

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