02 August, 2009

First Sundays of August

One of the first things I do when I wake up in the morning, is ask myself what day of the week it is. This morning when I did that, I couldn't help but smile.

If it is the first Sunday of August, Friendship Day it was.

As I let my mind travel back in time, it makes its way to what used to be our Study Hall in school. Around this time of the year, out would come our needlework boxes and from them, colourful embroidery threads. We'd knot the threads and pin them to the latches of our study desks and get lost in making friendship bands.

Back then, being boarders, we could only afford handmade bands and handmade cards. Things became different in college; pocket money could buy us cards from Archies and Hallmark and what more, we'd even find friendship bands there. The Monday after Friendship day, was the day to flaunt all the bands we'd earned.

For the past few years, I'd celebrated Friendship Day by taking some time off work and catching up with friends for a movie or a cup of coffee.

Now that everybody is married and `settled' -- so to say -- in different parts of the world, observing friendship day has further reduced to a several scraps on Orkut, scribbling on Facebook walls and a couple of calls.

Ways to celebrate friends have changed. But it will always be a noble thing to remember our friends atleast once a year and renew our vows of friendship.

Friendship Day must live on.

Overhead view of many yellow roses


  1. Happy Friendship Day to one of the most most beautiful friends I have ever met!
    Love You! :) :)

  2. Thank you and wish u the same, Smilie. Hey .....and love u too. :)