16 October, 2009

Friendbot - the freaky friend-finder

Like as if I needed technology to tell me who my friends were, yesterday I took the services of the Friendbot (seemingly the e-cousin of robot) on Facebook. The results, I must say were interesting.

It began with `Best Friend' and against it was the name of a friend of mine for past ten years and a really good friend too. I was impressed, alright; but for only as long as it took for me to get to the next line. Whatever followed was ridiculous. The Funny One (read friend), Drinking Buddy, The Trouble Maker and The Partier turned out to be nothing but a mishmash of names and titles.

It was my Drinking Buddy that was hilarious. There was the name of an epitome of teetotalism. I just couldn't help laughing out loud. Ash (name kinda changed)my drinking buddy? (Ha ha ...I wish). Actually she IS my best COFFEE drinking buddy :)

I later came across something called Stalkerbot, this electronic creature is supposed to let you find out the people who stalk you. Good heavens!! I don't even want to think about venturing into that :-I . 'mad

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