14 February, 2010

An open letter

Dear Hubby

When I look back at what life has been ever since you became a part of it, I just can't help feeling so blessed. You have filled it up with so much of love and happiness. If not for you, so many good times would not have been just as good, and those not-so-good-days, a lot worse.

Thank you for making me yours. Thank you for standing by me when I came into your world. Thank you for believing in me and cheering me on. With you by my side, I know I can dream and work at making those dreams come true.

It is not everyday that I tell you how much I love you. Now that Valentine's Day is here, and we enter into another year of love, I just want to tell you that I appreciate you and love you more than I can express. My life is what it is, only because you are in it.

Me :)

09 February, 2010

Just say you care

Big red cut-outs of hearts. Red balloons in the shape of hearts, heart shaped candy and chocolate boxes - all in red (or atleast has a red ribbon around it), pretty red skirts and sensuous red lingerie. These were just some of the red and lovey-dovey things I saw at the mall last weekend. Big business? Oh yeah; but now you have more ways to say you care.

'The' red (or should I say the 'reddest') letter day is just around the corner. February 14 means that it is the worldwide festival of love (who doesn't know that, right? Perceptions of Valentine's Day differ, so do the arguments on whether one such day should be observed or not.

Some of the self-proclaimed cultural police in the east, think Valentine's Day is an evil simply because it came from the western half of the world. (Now if we had people half the way around the globe celebrate Diwali, we'd be happy and proud, right? Hello!! Let's have a more open mind).

Then there are others who ridicule the day and say it is silly to set aside a day for love. 

Some say Valentine's Day has been blown up by the players in the card and gift business so that they could make big wins. (So what? They are doing their job. You do yours by finding something to put a smile on your dear one's face. Now your options are many, thanks to you-know-who.)

Still others say that you don't need a `day' to tell somebody that you love him or her. (ok dear, in that case, just how many times a year do you express your love? You surely know that love was not put in your heart to `stay.' Love isn't love till you give it away!)

The arguments about this day will go on. If there is a debate in your mind, let me help you moderate it. Let this Valentine's Day be an excuse to tell that special somebody just how very 'special' he or she is.

Happy Valentine's Day.