03 March, 2010

A thesaurus gone colourless

Lastnight I was looking for a title for a piece of writing and thought only an alliteration would work there. I had been up way past my bed time and my brains just refused to work. Ah! the thesaurus is where I could find the right word, I thought. And so there I was.

Sleepily I open Thesaurus.com and type in 'colourful' and click on Search, and to my chagrin Mr. Know-it-all thesaurus says: No results found for colourful.

At first I thought groggy me had keyed in the wrong spelling. Then I see this next sentence that asks: Did you mean colorful?

Oh my! I'm so tired of this. American spellings!!

Everytime I spell Organisation, Favourite or Realise; or even Centre, my spell check marks it in red. That reminds me of my second standard teacher using her red pen in my book after those dictations I dreaded so much. Back then she would cross out `realize' underline or circle the Z. Phew! I guess some of us will just have to live with these brutal red markings; first in our test books and later in our word documents.

However I wish Mr. (know-it-all) Thesaurus would realise that it is on the World Wide Web that he lives and that there are Indians and Brits and lots of other people in other parts of the world also who use the WW web. He really could be a little more British-English-friendly (and say 'also colourful, like some dictionaries do) after all, it is 'English' that we are talking about.