28 June, 2010

Coffee is my cup of tea

Spain, Barcelona
Now that's what I call good news. The latest study on coffee says that drinking two to four cups a day may lead to a 20 per cent lower risk of heart disease. That's one more reason to fight for my right; the right to my daily dose of caffeine.

And we were told that coffee is bad for the heart, right? That's what coffee haters love to tell us. I had heard that several times, so much so that I had begun to believe that it would be coffee that showed me the way to my grave. I am not into binge consumption of coffee but if you put together the two-three cups of coffee that I have everyday, we'd have a really large number.

I don't know when my love affair with coffee really began. It might have happened during some study leave, when ma brought me a cup of that magic that helped me stay awake to finish my last minute studying. I guess eating or drinking just about anything when you are feeling sleepy wakes you up, but once you begin liking the taste of coffee, it becomes an excuse to gulp down some of the caffeinated goodness. Who doesn't believe that coffee can keep you awake.

I later ended up in a newspaper office and thanks to many of my colleagues who were coffee people, we took those much needed coffee breaks to get us charged up before we filed a story. What more, a friend and I often found ourselves making our way to the office canteen to relax over a cup of coffee after the daily deadlines were met.

What would we do without coffee??

Sometimes I have a craving for coffee at bed time I've often been asked if I could sleep after I had a cup of it. The answer is always Yes. I have found that I could have my coffee and sleep well too. Coffee's been good to me so I seem to be defending my coffee or coffee-drinking habit, so to speak.

Hard core tea-person that he is,  my dad too disapproves of the coffee drinking habit of the rest of the family. Many a time, when he told me of the harm coffee could do to me, I found myself telling him that I was having coffee so that coffee as a crop could have a better market. Smart thing to tell a planter, right? Well, not this one. His reaction to that will be the fact that retail prices keep going up without  making the market any better for the coffee growers. Good point indeed. Yet, every coffee lover must learn to advocate the beverage because there is a lot of coffee-bashing going on and because we want to believe that we cannot survive without it.

Somebody once said "I don't have a problem with caffeine. I only have a problem without it." Whoever said that, collectively spoke for us coffee-aficionados. Whoever said that, was a great coffee `thinker,' I must say.

As for me, my day starts with coffee and sometimes ends with it too. (Kudos to the person who wrote the Nescafe Jingle, "the taste that gets you started out; the taste that gets you going on..." (You said it!) It's what I want when I'm bored or when my spirits are low. It's what I want when I want to just unwind.

Coffee is good for celebration. Coffee is great when you want to catch up with friends. The arguments about the good and bad of coffee can go on. Whatever said and done, Coffee is my cup of tea.


  1. I love my cup of coffee too.....this posting just makes me a happier coffee drinker.

  2. Doesn't it? :)I can't live without it. It was the only craving I had when I pregnant.

  3. loved your post! the way u ve written it, wud make coffee hater start falling in love for coffee, after reading this post... I am myself a coffee lover!so kudos. Wanna read more, will do it sooner!

  4. ha ha! I wish I could make the world love this goodness. :) Please come by anytime.