26 July, 2010

We love our hands like the Chinese love their chopsticks

Just like the English cannot be separated from the fork n' spoon and knife too, the Chinese and their chopsticks go together. And we Indians - we love our hands.

We must all learn how to eat with the fork and spoon, but have you noticed how food actually tastes better when you eat with your bare hands? I have. Or is it a psychological thing? As kids at boarding school, we looked forward to those days when we got `special food,' as that also meant that we got to eat with our hands on those days. Special food came on days like Diwali and Onam and 15 of August (Independence indeed!).

In most Indian restaurants around the world, people who drop in, try to embrace the act of eating with the bare hand. I once witnessed a foreign tourist to India refuse the fork and knife that came along with his Masala Dosa order and I couldn't help smiling.

The other day we had an American friend over for dinner and she chose to have Poori and Baaji with her  hands, Indian style. Later it was desert time and ice cream was served. I went away to put away the some dishes so that I could settle down and enjoy the sweet delight. When I got back I found that her ice cream was untouched. To my quizzical look she quipped: I was waiting to see how you would have your ice cream with your hands. :D.

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