31 August, 2010

30 and TTDBT

Bucket List seemed interesting to me when I first heard of it. Then I heard of it again...and again and again. It has been mentioned on television shows, blogs, status messages, so and and so forth till I began to tire of hearing of it. Initially I thought it was a great thing -- a list of things to do before you kicked the bucket-- it speaks of goals, of dreams, of optimism and the like. Good thing. BUT... how are we supposed to know when the deadline (pun totally intended) is?

Anyway, I kicked the idea of a bucket list and made a list of things I would do by birthday 30, which then was barely three months away. My list had three (one for each decade) things. Anyway the birthday came and went. (Gosh! now it sinks in: it's been 360 months and in `days' it would be ... oh! never mind. I'm not any better in mathematics.) Coming back to the point, a friend of mine said to me when he wished me, "Welcome to the thirties." Thank you Joe, but it just dawned on me that I hadn't striked out anything from my 3-point-list of things to do before 30.

Out of the three things, the first two have come a long way, just not enough to deserve those strikes. (I'll make sure to get it done by the close of the year and shall blog about it. Remember to come by to see what I was talking about.) Now the third point on the list had three sub-points. (Sounds complicated? Never mind.) I've had I don't know how many people tell me I'm lazy when it comes to writing. So I thought I'll make it a point to have 30 posts in each of my blogs by birthday 30. Anyway, because I hadn't gotten to where I wanted to, there also (I really am lazy eh), I vowed to get that done by the end of the birthday month. Now out of those three blogs that I have registered, I managed to hit THIRTY- ONE  in one, ( http://dnambiar.wordpress.com/ ) 26 in the travel blog (could not travel too much but I will get to that number asap. That is a promise to myself.) http://dnambiar-travelblog.blogspot.com/ (Actually I started a few `pages there, and that along with some other pictures I have put up there could actually be passed off as posts but it is ok) As for the third blog; this one, where I just write about this and that (aptly named Odds and Ends. Click here http://dnambiar11.blogspot.com/2010/08/ttdbt.htmland I promise you will come back to the same page) I almost got to thirty. I had 29 and then, now that I write about this list (now what do we call a list of things to do (or attempt to do) before 30? Just `Things to do before 30' or TTDBT for short?), I have the 30th post here (with lots of brackets, figures, ellipses, colons, semi-colons and craziness).

I have to drink to this one. Cheers!
(Now you go and write your TTDBT or TTDBF or TTDBTF or whatever. Good luck.)

24 August, 2010

Revisiting childhood

It was only a couple of years ago that I was sounding like a bereaved grown up crying over the passing away of my childhood. I was missing the toys, the carefree life and the fairytale world I had left behind. People say you have a second childhood when you slip into senility. Really?

Well, I'm not there yet. Even middle age is pretty far off but guess what: I'm on a (re)visit to childhood. Yeah. You heard me right. These days I listen to Old McDonald and This old man. I re-enact that action song I learnt in standard II : I'm a little teapot, short and stout (which I actually am; not the teapot bit tho' shh!). How I love doing that "here's my handle, here's my spout..." thing. This is such fun.

Now I can buy picture-books and shop for toys (Boy! these days they come in every form imaginable). I can read stories in which cats and dogs and pachyderms are the central characters. I can watch cartoons, clap to nursery rhymes and even mimic animal noises. I can make frequent trips to the zoo too. This is absolute fun. If anybody out there wants to revisit childhood, I'd recommend having a child.

23 August, 2010

Ads for depression?

Television commercials for anti-depressants are so depressing! They seem like advertisements for 'depression' itself. 

Could information about depression be directly proportional to the mood disorder? Has anybody else felt this way?

09 August, 2010

Bits a pieces from a mommy diary

Every day, every moment, every milestone of the first child, is so fascinating, so gratifying and so ecstatic for a parent. I wonder if I'd be able to be just as excited -- if not more -- for a second child, if I were to have one.  

(This is absolutely a thing for those children who come first. A privilege, I'd say.What are you complaining about, first-borns?) 

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02 August, 2010

Tall opportunity

Redwood trees

Opportunity is almost always there. You see it only if you want to see it and how `big' an opportunity it is, depends on the way you look at it.      

-- D Nambiar :)

( Btw, I found this photo-opportunity at Roaring Camp and Big Trees , Felton, CA.)