23 September, 2010

Just married. Forever!

A couple of weeks ago, hubby and I hit another wedding anniversary and a friend of mine wrote to me and teased, "You might be able to mislead people by saying ... completing a year of marriage, but I know the truth. Your hubby's been putting up with you for four years. Poor thing!"

Yes dear girl, and that's how its going to be for a long time or at least till Google does something about it.

It happened four years ago, when Google's Orkut was the more popular social networking site among my friends (most of them have now wrapped up their Orkut accounts and moved on to the hipper Facebook). Back then, Orkut, did not have the status message facility and so when we needed to put up a `status update,' as such, we did so in the space meant for our names. When we did that, the update would also replace our gmail chat/gtalk usernames. It was my first wedding anniversary and being proud of the fact that I had successfully completed a year of marriage, I put up a message saying so. Just around that time, Orkut introduced its own status message feature and our latest updates stuck as usernames.

Eversince, in many of my friends' address books, my name has been `Div completing a year of marriage.'

The whole thing is funny now. While I will be completing a year of marriage for ... I don't know how long, I have some friends whose names continue to have some meaningless prepositions (because only half the message is seen) attached to their names. Some others have parts of adages there. Then there other cases: Arch will continue to be smitten. Jen has been out of town for many years now. And poor Ganesh will always be working on his thesis. Ha ha ha!

PS: If I'm in the middle of an IM session with Ganesh, I see a message that says "Working is typing." :)

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