15 February, 2011

There's a Stewie @ home

I get a lot of this these days:

Too funny to be true eh? Honestly...my 20-month old does this too; only that Louise is not my name. I cross my heart; he's got is own equivalents for 'mom' and I get: Amma! Mamma! Mammun! Amman! Amna, Amta, Mummy and even Mola (an attempt at saying molu,as he hears daddy call)!

And worse still, I don't even get a "Hi." Ask him `what' and he'll softly say kaalu (meaning 'leg' in Malayalam) He loves saying that word. I only hope this doesn't get upgraded to "My foot!" 

PS: Lately he's been screaming, "Acha, Kuttah! And it's just as loud.  Hmm!! (And hubby asks me if this video influenced him. No way!! In fact this antic of his reminded me of this clip.)

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