19 March, 2011

Something to soothe the dread

It is a time of so much of dread. And the dread is only spreading. It was just a week ago that Japan was devastated with an earthquake and a tsunami. The world is still reeling over the Japan disasters.  And Japan is still in pain. To add to their misery there's the nuclear plant that is threatening to leak larger amounts of radiation. Over 2 scores of people in the plant are killing themselves trying to get the situation under control and save the nation from the harmful effects of radiation. Meanwhile some of it has has already escaped from the power plant has found its way into milk and spinach. And a part of it has crossed the Pacific Ocean and stepped into California.

Not enough the bay area -- and the rest of CA -- lives in constant dread of earthquakes, there are tornado warnings now. Sigh! It has been raining here and the forecasts have yet another storm for us later tonight or early tomorrow morning. Then there's the Supermoon: when the moon said to be closest to the earth and promises to look 14 times bigger and 30 times brighter (or something like that). That's interesting, but it spells bad time for sunny California. There's this prediction that CA's next big quake is just around the corner. According to Geologist Jim Berkland, this one is sure to hit the state sometime between today (the 19th) and the 26th; most likely day being today. 

Amidst all the bad news and the growing dread I looked out of the window when the showers had stopped for a while and saw this soothing sight. 

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