02 April, 2011

For the record

I too got to see the supermoon (no, I don't call this great photography)

I never thought I would be able to see it because in this part of the world there was a big storm brewing and the evening was really rough. Oh yeah ... and we were expecting a QUAKE (read my previous post).

Just as I was preparing to retire for the day, long after the clock struck midnight, I peeped out of the window and saw this spectacle that hasn't happened in the last 18 years, fighting to see through the storm clouds (Which was almost a miracle if you knew how violent the weather was).

By the way the quake didn't show up that day but we can expect a big one to hit just about anytime. (Read Living between Faults)


  1. Actually in Chennai the moon looked normal..it looked bigger a few days later...and the New Moon has come after this.

  2. Oh yeah? Lucky you...got see at its biggest. I only got to see how bright it was :( (Even that was just by luck)

    Chennai must be getting really hot, right?