18 May, 2011

Tamasha of the day

Our toddler who is almost two is in that fun phase of learning to talk. He's been learning a lot of Malayalam and reproducing it fairly well. (I'm a mommy, hence biased).

It's been a few good months since he learnt that very essential word for water - Vellam; but he's been pronouncing it as lla. Well, good for now, thought I until a few days ago it changed to thanthal, in an effort to say Thannutha vellam meaning cold water. (It took me a while to figure that out tho') Anyway, I let that be, too.

However, it was only today that I learnt that the thantha in his thanthal didn't really mean anything...he just picked that up from somewhere.

This morning, he asks me for water and I gave him some warm water because that was all there was. A few seconds later, he looks at me and says, "Chooda" (it's hot). 
I ask him what is hot 
And he says, "Thantal"

(That was an LOL moment. For those who don't understand Malayalam, he was very seriously telling me that I had given him `hot' cold water. )


  1. it is a treasure- these moments!

    1. :)Everyday I hear this kind of adorably weird things and I am enjoying every bit of it. Simply loving this stage. Sherin, you don't seem to be writing much these days. What's up? How are the kids doing?

  2. hot cold water...ha ha ha
    u must have been laughing all around after that ...

    1. Welcome here, Gunjan.

      Gosh! it is funny. All this comes when you least expect it. So yeah, I do a whole lot of laughing these days.