17 October, 2011

Before meets after

Before I became a mommy I had much better hair. I needed no hair products save some coconut oil and some Pantene shampoo. My crowning glory even did some  modelling for a feature on hair care. Now my hair needs conditioner, hair serum and a hot air brush to make it look presentable. I'm soon going to be 'needing' hair colour. Graying happens to everyone, I agree. I'm amazed at the how it speeds up when it is coupled with parenthood. Thank you baby for the Wisdom Hair.

                                                             *     *    *
You know how little kids say almost incomprehensible things that only mommies can understand, right? Before I became a mommy, I feared that when my time came, I wouldn't be able to do that well; that I would fail miserably and feel ashamed of myself for not being able to decipher my own little one's weird toddler-speak. It's been over two years since the beginning of motherhood and when I look back, I see that I haven't messed up altogether. I have figured out that audio means Oreo, thanthal once meant Water and dalo was Yellow. Now I know that loopuk means Look up and tandapis means Stand up. I know that the contextual meanings of kis can be Kiss, Biscuit and Squirrel. Multiple meanings of Kis; Ah! how convenient for the toddler.
                                                                *      *     *

Oh, and the questions they can ask you when they begin to talk! I remember the doubts I had when I was little -- Phew! I'd rather not go there. I often wondered what I would do when I became a parent? Could I be a know-it-all mommy? Hey new mommies and daddies, our stars are good; what would we do without the internet!
                                                                 *     *      *

Before I became a mommy, I carried a small handbag and don't even remember what I carried in it. Now I carry a big one and what do I have in it -- diapers, wipes, an extra pair of dress for the little one, some snacks, disinfectant wipes, a small bottle of sanitizer, a couple of band aids (you never know when u need them), a sipper, a small box of biscuits/cereals... In there are also some of my own things like my driving licence and debit card, lip balm and hair brush and all of that. I'm looking forward to shedding that weight and probably by then, it might only get heavier with baby formula, burp cloth and all.

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