01 November, 2011

Technologically ensnared!

The new Docomo ad says, "no getting away from the network that always connects." Docomo got that right; it's the no-getting away age, whether we like it or not.

Remember the days when somebody would call for you and somebody else could take that call and say you were out (even if you actually weren't)? That was before the cellphones. Then we all wanted those little handsets. Since then, there's been escape. Even the 'missed calls' are recorded, so can't be missed altogether. Do you have any other excuse for not returning that call?

Remember when you could say you hadn't had the time to step into a cyber cafe? Or that you hadn't turned on your computer as yet? That was THEN. Now, you are a proud owner of the coveted smart phone. Now there's no running away from those emails, work or personal. You are IN; in the now network; in the always-connected network. You leapt into the technological snare. And there you stay! Unless, you actually pack your bags and move to Mars.

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