24 July, 2012

Now he must think me very stupid

I should have known after the 'Do you know where China is' incident, that I should not look for opportunities for showing off my knowledge in Geography. Now my 3-year-old thinks I'm stupid, I'm sure.
The other day we picked up Ratatouille for some bed time reading. He opened the book to look at the pictures and on the inside cover of the book was a picture of the Eiffel Tower. Trying to do some small talk as I got ready to sit down to the reading, I pointed out to the tower in the picture and told him that, that was the Eiffel Tower and asked him – again not expecting him to give me an answer – Do you know where this tower is?

Then in a tone that clearly meant 'What a dumb question,' he says, "In the book," and shows me the picture. He must think me very stupid, now. Well, he now 'knows' I'm stupid. I guess that's why the next day when he asked me for some water and I asked if it was for him or for the teddy bear in his arms he sardonically said, "For me. The teddy does not have a mouth."
Uh – ok!

23 July, 2012

Let's talk blog awards

They may not be as big as the Oscars, Bookers and the Pulitzers; but blog awards are awards, all the same. Only on a different scale and for mere mortals whose lives are also –among many other things-- about posts and visitors, page views, comments, followers and deciding what to blog about next.
Blog awards, to me, is a way of spreading some love, of showing support and admiration and redirecting our readers to blogs that we enjoy or adore. A few days ago, Uma of My Musings sent some love this way with this:

First of all, Uma's blog is a space I visit often. I love her simple and straight way of writing and the topics she writes on, too. Her musings cover everything from parenting to travelogues and little tales of her little R to just random things. And every time, she just knows what she's talking about, and she's very clear about that. Visit her space if you haven't already done so. If somebody else had given me the Lovely Blog Award, I'm sure I would have included her on my list of people to pass it on to.
Talking of passing on the above awards, I would like to take the liberty to split the above into two and then do the honours.
My 'Inspiring Bloggers' list includes:
  1. Bhavana of Tilling the Earthwoman
  2. Umashankar Pandey of One Grain Amongst the Storm
  3. Rachna of Rachna Says
  4. Subhorup of Subho's Jejune Diet
  5. Raj of A Beautiful Mind
Who would I give the One Lovely Blog Award (doesn't that sound so cute) to? A lot of people actually. But for now, just to make sure we don't have an extra-long list:
  1. Panchali of Panchalibolchi
  2. TTT of Tangy Tomato Twist
  3. Amit of Safarnaamaa
  4. Abhinav of Rhythm of Nature
  5. Sudha Ganapathi of My Favourite Things
  6. Jayshree of Jaish Writes
  7. Swapna of The Mom Views
  8. Subhorup, this one for the adorable The Story of Parth
I'm forcing myself to stop. I really could go on and on. But wait, a few months ago, I'd actually got more Versatile Blogger Awards (for the 3rd and 4th time, this time from Ruchita Srivastava and Nagini. I thank them you both for this). And I thought I'd  pass it on later and then it slipped off my mind. I guess now is the time to do that. We're talking blog awards after all.
So dear reader of mine, here are some really Versatile Bloggers. Check them out and see for yourselves.
  1. Ash of M*U*S*I*N*G*S
  2. Kishan of Road Bloke and Ramblings of a dysfunctional mind
  3. Bikramjit of Me and my random thoughts
Now moving on to the not-the-most-important part of this Awards Post, here are 7 Random things about me:
  1. Coffee is my cup of tea. That's the one thing I craved for when I was in the family way. It's what's making me have second thoughts about having baby No.2 ;)
  2. I have a fetish for (finger) rings; silver ones. 
  3. I grew up in boarding school. Home sickness was something I got over a long time ago but I can't stay away from hubby for more than 3 days. 
  4. My guilty pleasures - Roadside Chaat (how I miss them) and Potato chips(whoever came up with the punchline 'No one can eat just one,' was so damn right.) 
  5. If you lend me a book, I'll make sure I return it. 
  6. I am not a morning person, at all. I can stay up till six in the morning but can't get myself to wake up at 6 am.
  7. I'm not a very patient mom. I have a three year old, who knows just how to get on to that last nerve of mine but I love him to pieces.
Seems like you've read that somewhere, before? Open-mouthed smile That was on here on Odds and Ends, several months ago when I got my very first blog awards. Back then, I didn't have half the readers I do now. So if you're reading these 7-Things for the second time, let me thank you from the bottom of my heart – for your continued support. Thank you so much.

PS: Almost always as part of the ritual of accepting and circulating awards, there's a rule that we leave links on the blogs of the awardees telling them that they have been selected for awards. I'm being a little disobedient and breaking that rule here, only because most of the bloggers I have listed above don't really need these awards to tell them that they are good. Their readers tell them that all the time. If you are part of the great Indian Indiblogger family, you probably know them, if not, you just have to visit their blogs. You will not be disappointed – of that I am sure.
Then how will these award winners know of these awards, you ask? They'll learn from their Stats/Sources and – (they'll be ) SURPRISE!! (D)

A note to the above mentioned award winners – I won't be offended if you don't put this up on your blogs. Let it be for the readers of this blog and those who will come across this post long after you guys have outgrown IB, if there be such a time. Here's wishing you many years of blogging and a whole lot of readers.