15 August, 2012


A few days ago, I got tagged! Tagged by Jayashree of Jaish Writes. Now what?

The Rules -

    Link back the blogger who tagged you.
    You must post the rules.
    Answer the questions given by the person who tagged you.
    Tag 11 new bloggers.
    Set 11 new questions for the bloggers tagged by you.
    Inform them about the tag.

Lately I’ve been playing truant here on Odds and Ends. Now this is great way to get a post put up here. Jayashree who is fast making a mark as a great short-story teller (Read her stories here) wants me to answer these questions:

1) Is there any specific time of the day that you set aside for blogging?
2) Do you live to eat or eat to live? :)
3) Name some movies you would never mind watching again and again
4) Which is the best place you have been to on vacation?
5) If you are given an option of eradicating any one social evil in India which one would you pick and why?
6) Name one bad habit you have been trying to change
7) Whats your favorite cuisine and food items?
8) Share something which  a small kid said to you, the memory of which always brings a smile to your face.
9) What was the scariest experience you had in life so far?
10) When you are extremely confused about some decision what do you do?
11) Which is your most favourite genre in blogging  ?

And here are my answers:

    1. I prefer burning the midnight oil. First of all, I’m quite a nocturnal creature. And the best time to get some writing done is after I’m done with the dishes and everybody in the house has called it a day. That's when I get my ME-Time.
   2. Although some foods are really worth living for, I think everybody eats to live. Yeah, even excessive eaters; they’re probably trying to eat away some gnawing pain.
   3. I’m not too into watching movies over and over again. But if, I’d have to, it would be the old Mohanlal-Srinivasan movies. Probably every Malayalee would say that. This duo did several movies that specialise in classic Malayalam humour; the kind that you can laugh for, every single time.
   4. Can’t pick one as such, as far as my best vacation is concerned. I can’t seem to narrow it further so it will have to be RAJASTHAN, NEPAL and HAWAII. Why? -- because these places proudly showed me their culture and threw in a handful of one-of-a-kind of attractions too.
    5. Social evil that I would pick out -- definitely Child Sexual Abuse. It’s silent suffering, the reason being the kind of rules that we Indians are brought up with. (Read about them here.) It time to set up new rules for our kids. Not all ‘good old rules’ are really GOOD old ones.
   6. I’m a late riser. I've been trying to become an early bird and it’s just not happening. Habits are really stubborn; they just don’t go away that easily. A nun at the school I went to, used to say remove the H and ‘a bit remains. Remove ‘a’ and bit remains, remove ‘b’ and ‘it’ remains.
    7. Cuisine? Indian. I’ve been around for a little over three decades and have acquired the taste for spicy, salty and tangy food. Dishes I like? Dosa and stew, fried fish, Pazham pori. That spells Mal, Mal, Mal, right?  I like dry Gobi Manchurian and Chaat too.
    8. Little kids say the most amusing things. Smile? No, I usually burst out laughing if I can help it. Right at the top of my head is this one. It just happened a few hours ago. I was chatting with a friend and she was inviting us to Australia. Trying to make conversation every now and then with the kid who was engrossed in a Caillou episode, I said, Josna aunty’s asking us to go to Australia. Wanna go? The next moment, the three year old’s eyes dilated as much as it could. That and his raised eyebrows made me wonder what was coming. He said a loud Aiyyohh!!! like I’d said something that was against the rules of the house. When I threw him my quizzical look, he said -- don’t we have to go to bed? Let’s go tomorrow. :)
    9. Scariest -- Oh, many. I guess the nightmares that come after an evening of horror movies. I've stopped watching them now. One other incident I remember is when we were staying in a resort that was literally in the jungle. After dinner the manager served us with so many wild stories of the wild animals around there and when we got to our isolated room which was designed like a watch tower, I was so scared to get out of the car and run up the stairs, lest a big cat pounce on me. Read about that night here
    10. If I'm confused when there's a decision to be taken  -- I try to sleep over it. But if it’s too important a decision, I don’t get any sleep. And because I don’t want it to spoil my sleep, I take a decison - for the time being and wake up the next day and think it over. A lot of the time I have to revise it. :)
    11. I like doing what I call my Mummy-diary writing. They are records of my feelings and experiences as a mother. There are lots of raves and rants too. 
I also love travel blogging. Travel makes me tipsy. I always learn a lot in the process. Sharing my travel tales also give me a high.

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Now let’s get to know the blogger in you.
  1. What does blogging mean to you?
  2. How did you get into blogging?
  3. What subjects do you blog about and why?
  4. Which according to you is your best post, till date?
  5. How long have you been blogging and what have you learnt in the process?
  6. What are your favourite blogs? Could you name 2-5 of them?
  7. Name two bloggers you are dying to meet
  8. What is the most annoying trait you have come across in the blogosphere?
  9. When met with bloggers’ block, how do you overcome it?
  10. Where do you get the most support from, as far as blogging is concerned -- fellow bloggers or non-bloggers?
  11. Where do you see yourself (as a blogger) 10 years from now?

People who have not been tagged can also answer/ discuss these questions about blogging in the comments section. Also feel free to link your best post here. Let’s send them around. :)