10 September, 2012

Some serious saree-blouse business

Oh, I feel like I'd been gone for a long time. Anyway, I’m back. So what was I doing all these days? Trying to put down some notes for an event I was supposed to compere, looking up trivia questions, cross-checking the answers and tending to a few other things like that. And of course there was all the cooking and cleaning and trying to keep the little one engaged through all of this. In the midst of all that, a wedding anniversary came and went, ever so quietly, that it didn’t really feel like it was a special day. :(

Now preparations for the event also meant pulling out suitcases that haven’t been out of the closet for 365 days at least, and trying to find a saree that I could use. Now finding a saree actually means finding a blouse that fits. The last time I bought a saree and got a blouse stitched for it, was 6 years ago when I was getting ready to enter wedlock. Around then I’d bought quite a few and for next two years I got to wear a few of them for a some friends' weddings, engagement functions and receptions that came my way. Then we moved to CA and now I barely get to see myself in the oh-so-sensual outfit.

In the 6 years that have gone by, there’s been a baby and whole lot of putting-on-pounds. So actually none of those blouses fit me as they are. For those of you who do not know how saree blouses are stitched, let me tell you that the tailors put in 2-3 rows of stitches along the sides. The stitches run up to the end of the sleeves and so if you’ve added some fat to yourself, you can actually rip off a row or two of stitches. As such, I spent a good part of last week, bent over a couple of blouses, working on those threads and hoping that they’d fit me before I got to the last row of stitches.

Finally, feeling I could fight my way into one of them, I tried it and managed to put on the hooks, even. I was examining the fit and feeling quite good about all the hard work when my 3 year old came peeping in. He looked at the strange piece of clothing I had on and said, “No Molu. It doesn’t fit, Molu.” I was wondering what he was talking about, because it really did fit me fine, when he added, "It (the blouse) has become small for you, I can see your tummy!!"

I couldn’t help but burst out laughing. Little does the poor kid know how long (or short) the saree blouse is supposed to be. :D