19 October, 2012

The 'Liebster' formalities, finally

A long time ago, two months to be precise, one of  My Liebster bloggers, Mom of A and a sent a Liebster Blog award this way. I can't bear the guilt of not having answered the questions she had sent along with it so let me get to that right away.

Thank you so much, Mom of A and a.

 1.What has been your best moment so far in this year?
It's been a good year with so many good moments. I'm just not able to pick one. The year started off with a fun Pajama Party with some great friends; that was fun. I got to see the Golden Gate Bridge at night (had been wanting to do that ever since we moved here 4 years ago and it just wouldn't happen. We had some memorable birthday parties -- hubby's and baby's. And for mine, hubby took me on a little weekend holiday even though I just wanted to go on a nice long drive into some redwoods. :). Oh, and I got to write about a biker friend from college and won a blogging contest for that story. I found a lot of friends in the blogosphere... (I could go on, honest) Gosh! a year with so many good happenings. Now I'm looking forward to spending a whole week with my best friend. (That's going to be next month. Can't wait!) Ah! whatte year!!

2. What do you hope to achieve (can be a micro goal or mega goal) by the end of this year?
To be able to hit the freeways and highways all on my own. I've got exits-and-merges-anxiety. Got to get over that.  (Sweeping under the rug those weight related goals. ;))

3. Which TV program do you HAVE to watch?
The View and Mad Men. 

4. Which sports figure, TV personality or movie star do you most identify with? Why?
None. (very boring answer, right?)

5. Where do you plan/hope to go for your next vacation? 
Denver, Colorado aboard the California Zephyr. All excited!

6. What trait in your spouse drives you crazy (not with desire :P)?
Not keeping his promises and putting off things (like errands; thankfully only the little ones. Still -- Argh!! )
(It's usually out of sheer 'laziness') 

7. What trait of your spouse do you admire the most?
My being able to tell him anything and everything and knowing that he will still stick by me, even if the rest of the world is against me.  So, 'Dependablity,'(and supportiveness)  it is. :)

8. Ask your spouse the same questions (6 and 7) about yourself this time, and let us know the answers!
(He's travelling at the moment. I swear I'm not lying. He said he'd text it to me before he hit bed and it didn't happen. See, there goes another little promise. :) Laziness, I tell you. ;). He's probably going to say he hates whatever makes me get into the 'we-have-to-talk' mode. 
Anyway, by the weekend, I promise.)
Here I am. :) He says what he can't stand is when I play Miss-always-right. ;). And the for nice trait, it's 'Loving,' :D.

9. What are you currently reading?
(Bhagat's) One Night @ the Call Centre

10. What music do you love listening to?
These days it's come to 'nothing in particular.' Soft Rock, Bollywood, Kollywood and Mollywood numbers. :)

11. Which of my questions did you hate the most?! :D
Really Rosh? Number 8!. :D

@ Mom of A & a --Thanks Roshni for the award. It's such an honour. And so sorry about the delay. 
@ my dear readers -- Those of you who have not checked out her blog, please do visit. You'll really enjoy all the tales about her adorable 'A's (read sons).

Now I've to pass it on to other bloggers, right? (Ok, I'm going to list some of my new favourites )

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(Shall add more bloggers as and when I find new Liebsters. I just realised that the new bloggers I've connected with are mostly travel bloggers. And now there are too many favourites there, but I'm saving their names for the other blog. )

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