15 November, 2012

Thank you Misters

I just got back from a week-long visit to my best friend's place. It was six days of being together, holidaying together, making some road trips watching our three-year-olds play and have their own little squabbles and bond in the process. Over half a dozen years ago, the two of us had gone for an air show in Yelahanka in Bangalore -- one of the many times we hung out after college was long over -- and had a great day. I remember telling her that day that I wished we could, some day take our kids to an air show like that one. The idea was not exactly to watch another air show together but to have a lovely day like that, sometime in the future when we had our own families. Back then, neither of us had even tied the knot, let alone having kids. Fast forward to 2012 and here we are -- married, with kids, and our families just spent an entire week together after a few one-day meetings over the last 5 years. And it was simply heartwarming! Oh wait, I told you about us and about our kids; let me also tell you that the week was also about watching the hubbies get more comfortable with each other. I recall telling bestie several months ago that we had to get the men to sit down and have a drink together so that THEY'd bond and that would be a great thing as they’ll anyway have to keep meeting each other. They have no choice really. *Chuckles* I must say the two have been very gracious over the years. And I give them all credit for going out of their way letting the two of us girls remain great friends. While growing up, I had seen that when people got married, the Wife moved away leaving her family and friends behind. Add a few years to that and the people that the wife had girl-time with, would be the Husband’s friends’ wives. Making new friends is always a great thing. But what of her old friends? She only bumped into them at a social gathering, most of the time. The state of affairs saddened me. I’m so glad our story did not come to passe. I feel blessed that I have a BFF and we get to meet every now and then. And I’m thankful to the men in our lives for letting us be what we grew to be. Thank you guys, Thanks a whole ton!

Maroon Bells, CO
PS. Happy fifth wedding anniversary to my bestie and her better half. 
"Here’s wishing you guys many, many years of love and togetherness (and many more holidays with us).)"