22 January, 2013

It’s a tortured, tortured mouth

Who hasn't had tooth trouble? Not me. I've been plagued with dental issues all through the 3.2 decades that I have been around.

Premature torture

It all began pretty early at that tender age when those milk teeth fall. Now you’re probably thinking, doesn't that happen to everybody, well yes, the part where those baby teeth get all shaky one by one and  must come off. No one escapes ‘that.’ Listen to this, when I visited my dentist for one of those customary extractions,  he insisted that another tooth also be removed even though it wasn't naturally ready to go. So we went the unnatural way to force it out. I was given what was probably my first injection in the mouth so as to  numb my tender gums, and PLUCK! All  this because a  new tooth didn't seem to have enough room to rise and shine.


In due course, that gap was filled and when the brand new tooth came, the older ‘new tooth’ had ended up depriving it of its rightful place. And that didn't seem to matter to the dentist, I guess. I now have a conk canine tooth on my lower jaw  and it looks like its in a row of its own. It doesn't really bother me so it’s fine with me.

List of procedures

My tooth problems didn't stop with that first injection. Over the years, my mouth and the pearly whites inside it, have been exerted to a lot of torture. Cavities, fillings, root canals... I've been there; done all that. Even a surgery to get  two of my wisdom teeth out because they were hurting in the insides of my cheeks.  Those were the ones that belonged to my right side.  Forcing the wise one on the upper jaw was quite an easy job compared to what had to be done to the neighbour downstairs. That one was tricky and tough and there was a fracture in the jaw at the end of  it all.

Each time a tooth is dentally taken care of, I think it is the end of my tooth trouble and just as I begin to settle down, I learn that another tooth needs help.

So on and so forth my visits to the dentist just kept continuing.

Over the years I've visited so many dentists that I've lost count of them. Honest. Now that can be attributed to my moving from one city/town to another and being 'referred' to specialists. Having entered and exited several dental clinics, I don’t even know which dentist treated which tooth.

More visits to the dentist, more  torture

Now you've probably heard of foreign objects being left behind in human bodies during surgeries. Have you heard of equipment or bits of equipment being left in teeth? I have. Believe me -- there is a small zigzag portion of a dental file embedded in one of mine. It might have been a mistake or it might just have gone unnoticed during a root canal treatment. The weird part is that I don’t even know which dentist worked on that tooth. The object was discovered last year when I had a tooth x-ray taken at a new root canal specialist's. By the way I was there to get a root canal re-done. Anyway this new tooth doctor tried his extreme best chisel off the filling and take out the piece of file and finally gave up. He said it may not have an effect on that tooth so for now, I can do little other than try to believe him and hope for the best.

Some more tooth trouble 

A few months after that, I felt pain in my gums on the right side of my upper jaw. When I got tired of depending on Orajel, and when I managed to get an appointment fixed, I made my way to my dentist and he told me that there was a crack in a crown and that was bringing about an infection and the tooth next to it needed to be crowned too so it was suggested that both be done together. Thus I sat at on the dentist chair for four hours straight. I got back home and found that my mouth was sore from all the stretching. Anyway it was over and the pain would go eventually, I thought. And that was exactly what happened.

Oh no! 

All was well until two months ago when a part of another tooth came off during a flossing session. So off I went to my dentist, like a good girl. The news this time was that it was a part of one of the two wisdom teeth remaining and it was decaying to say the least. I kind-of knew it, this time. Something told me that if I didn't report this one soon, I would be sorry.

As expected, it was beyond repair so Mr.Dentist sentenced it to be removed. The procedure: collect the referral from the front desk, get the extraction done at a dental surgeon’s. And while I was it, it's best to do away with the last remaining wisdom tooth too. Apparently that one is also not problem free. It lies within my gums, HORIZONTALLY. If it had been completely buried in there it wouldn't have been a problem but there’s a small portion of it sticking out of my gums; like the tip of an iceberg. Now that is a sign of impending doom (read deadly infection that could harm my gums,  big time).

So Dental surgery, here  I come -- AGAIN!

A panoramic X-ray.
Look at tooth 17 (highlighted) - that's what a wisdom tooth looks like when horizontal. :)