28 February, 2013

It's all about cars, now

My sonny boy likes books and playing chef and doing jigsaw puzzles. He likes having conversations with Talking Tom, making pretend phone-calls and playing with water. But there's another interest that taking shape slowing and surely and becoming really solid - Cars.

Last year when my best friend was visiting I remember hearing her ask him to show her his cars. I didn't hear what he said, but I heard 'aunty' say, I don't believe you. Boys and not having cars?' He was probably fooling around or just playing dumb (like he likes doing when he doesn't want to do something). He has cars, ok, quite a few at that. At least much more than daddy had when he was a kid.

Boys can never have 'too many' cars

I remember the first ever cars that became his. It was his first birthday and there they were: three of them. Two out of the three were radio cars and the 12-month old did not know how to play with them. He only wanted to hold them. You know you played with them. ;) No prizes for guessing that.

Over the next two years, things changed quite a bit; more cars have been added to the list. Or maybe I should just say vehicles, because the collection includes Tow Mater, Sarge, Fillmore, a wooden school bus and even an auto rickshaw, to name a few. Now the game of the season is lining them up; he calls it 'Parking cars.' Sometimes they're on the Sofa and so there's little room for us to park our behinds. Sometimes they're parallel-parked or perpendicular-parked on the floor, so close to the sofa that when I put my feet down after I'm done watching some TV, something or the other pokes my poor soles and makes me scream. I look down and feel like a Giant in Radiator Springs.

Last year, Daddy thought the time had come to realise his SUV dream. So as the homework and test drives were being done, Littlebigman was all eyes and ears; quietly taking note of a whole lot of car-related terms and vomiting it all out crazily. From then on, he's been surprising us every now and then with the automobile-knowledge he's been soaking up without anybody's knowledge.

Since the car-hunt episode, the craze has gone up a few notches. He's been talking 'makes and models,' and playing 'spot-the-differences' between the "sv" and what has now become the 'old car.' (It's the questions that follow that make me want to pull all my hair out.) :)  He also keeps an account of who has what car; that includes all his acquaintances and his friends at pre-school.

Maybe it is because little mister is the owner of a parking-lot-of-cars; one day as were getting into the car after school, he very-disappointingly remarked, "We have ONLY two cars at home." :-\
 Ah! boys -- big and small -- can never have too many cars, can they?

It's all about cars now

These days when we go out for walks, we are not looking at the trees and birds. But identifying cars. It's all about bokswagon, Toyoda, Mitchibuchi...and the list goes on.

The other day, I was telling the three year old that one of mommy's friends is in town along with her family, and that we should invite them to lunch sometime. The kid loves having people at home, so generally when I tell him things like this, he wants to know when they'll come,  what we're going to cook and all of that. This time however, busy-little-man looks up, knits his eyebrows and asks, 'Uhmmm...what car do they have?'

It's a guy-thing, I guess. :)