19 August, 2013

Baby No. 2 . Taken stork of

Over a year ago, out of the blue, one mommy asked her then 3 year old what he thought about the idea of having another baby at home. His eyes lit up and he went: I’ll read to the baby and push the  stroller!

How cute it that?!

Then a few months later the little one  began talking about one of his best friends at preschool and her having a 'baby' (brother). Since then, more than once, mommy and daddy have been getting a piece of the little one’s mind: “R has a baby and I want one too.” Ok. point noted.

Mommy and daddy liked the idea sans the morning sickness and labour pain parts of it.  Hmm. The more mommy thought about it, the more she liked the idea. The lone boy  in the back seat needed some company for the long drives, somebody to play with and fight with and  make up with. And the family could do with some more noise and some more craziness.

Meanwhile sonny boy had been having long, long conversations with Talking Tom and mommy thought -- this boy needs a sibling very badly. 

In the midst of so much else happening since the beginning of a crazy 2013, it finally did happen. And now is the time to announce: The baby no.2 situation has been taken stock of or should we say taken stork of.  ;)

The stork should make the delivery early next year.