31 January, 2015

Rounded up: Bangalore's Blog-sheep

image courtesy: GoGraph
If you are a blogger, you know that there's this other world that you can go and get lost in, every now and then. A place where you turn into a writer and a reader and everywhere you turn you see another writer, another reader, another person who is lost in that world pretty much they way you are. You probably call it the World of Blogging or Blogosphere or whatever but it is a place like no other.

If you are an Indiblogger you know there is another place that has its door open to all who are 'Indian by Birth and Bloggers by Choice.' It doesn't matter who you were born to or how you were brought up or even what marks you scored in your board exams. You just have to be bananas over blogging. Indiblogger.in is not just another blog directory. It's like this neighbourhood uncle who brings together bunch of blog-sheep and gives them each a microphone to put out their bleats. If you are in Indiblogger you know the Indiblogger meets are a big loud party that welcomes even that truant child who has not put up a post in a long, long time.

For a while now, I'd been watching these parties from half way around the world and wishing I could be a part of those gatherings where you met the bloggers you've been talking to in the form of comments. I'd been wishing for a Bangalore meet when I was visiting the homeland and wishing all the universe conspires in helping me walk into one of those parties.

And finally it did happen, thanks to Indiblogger and AsusIndia who joined hands to put together the GoSleeekAsusExperience at ITC Gardenia in the tech capital.

That was definitely a wish come true. Thank you dear Indiblogger for the invite to the first meet of the year. Thank you for letting me be where people where interested in knowing what I blogged about and where my web 2.0 home was, and how long it had been since I'd got bitten by the blogging bug. It was great to rub shoulders with a crowd of Indibloggers who bothered about posts and keywords and comments and page-views and viewers and followers and blogiversaries and IndiVotes and IndiRanks and all of that. (phew!)

Thank you Indiblogger and Asus India for bringing me face to face with some bloggers I had been reading, bloggers who have been reading what I've been reading and writing, bloggers who I had connected with and bloggers I ought to be connected with.

Thank you so much from the bottom of my Indivine posts.

Indibloggers. 'we blog therefore we are' :)

PS. And because Human-Wants are unlimited and one 'want' leads to another, this blogger wants to attend another meet and then another and also wants to meet her blogger friends who regularly sign in to Indiblogger from other cities. ;) (Universe,  are you listening?)

Once again, Thank You Indiblogger and Asus India for The ASUS Indiblogger Meet in BangaloreFor those interested in the ASUS products that are hot right now, check out the ASUS EeeBook X205TA and the ASUS All In One PC ET2040.