The Mommy Diary


Going Banamanas!

Show my little one a banana and ask him what it is and he will say "banamana." His mommy has a history with the word. However it was more with the spelling than the pronunciation of the word. Find out -

Colourful Alphabet

My 2 year old's version of the English Alphabet: A B C D daloo geen (in other words: A B C D yellow, green.) 
I wonder how that much colour got in there.


Bravo, brave boy!

When we went to the pediatrician for our little one's 2-year check up, we were asked to go in for a blood test to look into his lead level. The doctor said she wanted the results before the 2-1/2 -year check up. Since there was a six month gap, we pushed it around a little. After about three weeks, we thought we should get it done before we completely forgot about it. So last week we drove to the medical lab dreading the fuss and the crankiness that was sure to be set off with the sight of the syringe or the prick of the needle in it.

After a short waiting period we were ushered into the testing room. The kid was made to sit down, a sleeve was rolled up and the rubber ribbon was tied above his elbow. The technician tried to feel the vein from and could not find it. So then the ribbon was transferred to the other hand and the index-finger exercise resumed. After a minute or two he thought he sensed the vein and so he took the syringe to draw out some blood. But the needle couldn't find the vein so he tried again and again and gave up on that arm. By then another technician came over and he had a look at it too and ultimately the ribbon had to be returned to the other had in the middle of several apologies to the little one who looked so dazed. When the next poke came. he even wanted to direct his attention towards what the two men-in-scrubs were trying to do. 

The men-in-scrubs on the other hand who were feeling sorry for the boy who had to be poked again and again were so amazed by the little one: amazed that he didn't cry, didn't fuss and didn't even twitch. The were amazed by his curiosity when he strained his neck to see them inserting that sharp thing into his little arm, little reacting to the pain. What more, he even hi-fived and said thank you and bye when he was leaving after the ordeal. He sure impressed the men. Mommy and daddy, who felt sad for him had to pick up something for the little brave boy, so we picked up an inflatable airplane we saw next door, to make ourselves feel better, if not him. So what if this silly thing cost more that it should have, the bravery just had to be rewarded.


Tough time, this

We're now in the middle of potty training. By the time we're all done, I just might not have a single strand of black hair left on my head :D.

Sprout, sprout, sprout

There's a lot more Sprout in my life these days. If it is evening, its my little toddler's TV time and it definitely means Sprout.

So every every evening I'm on ON DEMAND (Thank you comcast for this feature) and I'm watching Barney and Friends or Monkey See or Thomas and friends. For now those are my baby's favourites and I have no choice but to let it be. So now I'm watching engines and a monkey and a dinosaur talk and sing and dance. I'm learning new songs, listening to new lyrics for old tunes and I often find myself humming some of these numbers. The line that kept falling out of my mouth all of yesterday was Slowly bend over and touch the ground from Monkey See Monkey Do.

It was only a few months ago that my evenings were about Larry King Live/Piers Morgan Tonight, Friends and the local news on ABC7. Motherhood! Well, I'm going to enjoy all this while it lasts.

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Oh! Okay

During our recent trip to India, one of our toddler's playmates gave him a wooden engine (of a train); a Chennapatna toy, I believe. Ever since he's had that little engine, we've been seeing him pretending to sip from a cylinder on the engine. I guessed he just found it to look like a container and dismissed it.
It was only when we were back after the holiday that I figured out what that cylinder on the engine reminded him of:


Little Workaholic 

Like many parents we too have been seeing our 20-month old surrounded by toys, but not wanting to play with them. To get him interested in his toys, I have been stowing away some of toys only to take them out a couple of weeks later. This way he treats them with renewed enthusiasm when he sees those colourful things again. (Then the ones he's been tired of, disappear for a while.)

Last night when he went to bed his little 'Starter Laptop' came out into the open along with some other toys. This morning he was excited to see the (almost) new toys and was terribly busy for an hour or so. Then he came out of his room carrying his laptop and wouldn't let go of it for the rest of the day. He's been keying away all day and looking at me and saying panni ('work' in Malayalam) every now and then. Now where had I heard that before?

I guess he was enacting something that happens around here every other evening: Dad sometime has emails to check or has some little issue come up and might have to do some work from home. :)

Anyway the little boy seemed to be working all day, today. It took me a good 20 minutes to try and get him distracted so that I could hide that toy for a bit and get him to take his midday nap. Once he was up, the panni on the 'commooter' (as he sometimes call it/otherwise it is lapop) started all over again.

It was daddy who put him to bed tonight. What must I see when I go to check on the boy: he's fallen asleep on his little computer! What a workaholic!

Dear me,

I am so sorry for making you want to lash out, yet not letting you do it, during your recent trip. I know you love your little one and felt hurt when people did not quite understand your concern about his eating habits and the change in his bowel movements.

I know, how blessed you feel you are, to have a baby who's a fairly good eater. I know that you've watched kids who fuss over their food; their mothers having to run all around the house (sometimes even the yard)trying to get them to eat something. 

I know how much you hoped that, that wouldn't happen to you. All you wanted was a kid that ate right. I know you have always thought it better to have to control a child's food intake rather than have to coax him or her to do 'some' eating. 

I also know how hard you tried to develop routines that would ensure your kid would not turn into a poor eater and how it's actually working out.

I saw how people disagreed with your ways and your strictly adhering to your baby's doctor's instructions.

I know how badly you wanted to scream at people and tell them that you love your baby and had no intention of starving your toddler, whatsoever; that you just wanted to make sure that your little one just did not overeat. I know you want to continue doing so till he is big enough to know what he is doing and what it could do to him. 

I know how it got to you when they said how they let their kids eat as much as they wanted when they were a year and a half and seemingly tried to make you feel guilty and evil about it all. 

I know you sometimes tried to explain but failed to see them convinced. I know you could have been blunt and said things that could have made the situation unpleasant. I'm just glad you listened to me and did as I told you to. 

I know that you are annoyed with me for making you bottle up all your emotions. I am sorry about that. See what I did to make you feel better: I spotted this blog prompt (Write an apology letter to yourself for not taking a chance you wish you would have taken in life, love, work, or...?)for you, that let you let-it-all-out 
and feel good again. Happy?

With love,
Daily dose of laughter

My little boy is sure to have his daily dose of `the best medicine' every time somebody sneezes. If he hears a sneeze, he'll run to the person who sneezed, just to be able to hear him/her say “excuse me.” Then he gets into a fit of laughter.
I wonder what `excuse me’ means in baby language!


Yes for dessert (always, Yes)

Hubby's got a sweet tooth and he just can't do without dessert after dinner. It could be cake, it could be chocolate or sweet meats from the neighbourhood Indian store; he just has to have something sweet before he goes to bed. 

For a while now, he has had regular company. The 16-month old junior has taken after him. Now dessert time is a major `dad and son bonding session' at the end of the day. Trying to encourage our little toddler to talk(in a language we could understand), I told him a few weeks ago that when I asked him if he wanted dessert, he would have to say "Yes" in order to get it. Boy! Didn't he pick that up very fast. 

These days, he needn't even be asked that question. The moment mommy or daddy gets up from the dinner table, he just turns on his mischievous smile and shouts at the top of his voice, "Yus! Yus!" 

The little one now acts like he is a celebrity and me paparazzi. He covers his face with his hands when he sees me with the camera. Recently I took a picture of the toddler and found that he was closing his eyes tight for the click. I guess he thinks if he closes his eyes, I won't be able to see him :).

Have a look at this: Mamarazzi
  Every day, every moment, every milestone of the first child, is so fascinating, so gratifying and so ecstatic for a parent. I wonder if I'd be able to be just as excited -- if not more -- for a second child, if I were to have one.  
(This is absolutely a thing for those children who come first. A privilege, I'd say.What are you complaining about, first-borns?)
Could a Leo Mom ask for anything more
(than this?) Check it out 

Toddlerhood: This is the period where these little ones graduate from innocent infancy and their energy levels only go up. This just means they've got all it takes to drain everybody else's energy. 

I'm so tired that I could do with a break. Believe me, there's no one who needs a holiday than the mother of a toddler. I know exactly what my friend means when she jokingly says she feels like writing a little note and running away from home.

Boy! Motherhood is really an excuse to revisit childhood. To read the post click here


There's nothing like watching a little child grow. They learn new things everyday. Nobody needs to tell them when to roll over, how to crawl or why they should learn to walk before they run. They just seem to know what to do and when and how, also. Amazing!


Sport of the season: Crawling-and-catching

The theory of evolution would have made sense to me if the post-partum tummy fat could be turned into a pouch -- like that of the Kangaroo -- that way I could hold my baby and go about  doing my work too. 

hen a baby comes home it is like the arrival of a new boss. You sleep only when Baby Boss allows you to. And its this boss who decides when you should wake up and how often. In other words, you have a new sleep  schedule which is almost always an erratic one.

An excerpt from the book written by our baby's paediatrician:

A brief description of the newborn may ease many concerns about your new child:-
He is entirely self-centered and has no concern for the well-being of anyone except himself.

Oh so true. :) but u still can't help loving the little brat.

More from the booklet for all mommies out there:

"He has no concept of time or other socially acceptable ideas. For this reason, he will yawn, burp, cry, pass gas, hiccup, cough, sneeze, scream,awaken, urinate and have bowel moments at the most inappropriate times. These are all to be expected and are in no way a reflection of his future personality."

(That last line is such a consolation, isn't it?)

Why do we have to lose hair after delivery. Why can't it be weight instead?

Blogging and Baby

Before the baby, you have all the time to blog but no subjects to write about. After the baby you have a lot of ideas and no time.

The first year is all about the first smile, the first step, the first word....a lot of milestones. A lot to cheer. This was one of the first few things I DREADED: (read) No celebration this time

Everybody finds the baby bump "Cute" but once the baby is out, the baby takes the cuteness with him/her and what you have in place of that once adorable bump is ugly sagging skin.

Those little hands and those tiny fingers are the cutest things in the world. Read : Sleeping baby and mixed feelings

Before and after your delivery, people look at your tummy or the newborn and ask you, "Is this your first?" You say `Yes' and then they say `Congratulations.' This exchange has happened to me so many times that I thought: Ok so it is not the first child, you don't get congratulated? I'd rather have people say, "Congratulations, is that your first?" Isn't that so much better?

Kiddie Manual

When you are a first-time-mom, you worry about handling a baby so small and so delicate; you just wish they came with some kind of manual. Well, in the USA, they do come with some written material, at least `almost’ You get a lot of stuff to read with the samples of baby products and they have information about it all: from nursing to bathing the baby, from putting the little one to sleep to baby food and ways to swaddle and soothe the newborn. 

You have to hold your own baby to know why they call a baby a `bundle of joy.'  Read:Memoirs of a mom- to-be.