18 October, 2017

Bring on the colours, Fall!

Just a small little post to wake up this dormant blog. 

A colours-of-the-season post with a few phone-photographs and a few words.

When Fall comes, it comes with these beautiful yellows and oranges and browns and adds more colour to our everyday lives.

The work week means a lot of running around: dropping the kids to school, picking them up,
taking them to after-school activities and all of that. On my way back home, I make a stop at the mailbox to see if the post-lady left anything for us.

On that stop a couple of days ago, there was this gorgeous sight --

How much Fall colour do you get to see where you live? 


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  1. These are lovely, would also love to see the different coloured leaves on trees!

  2. I really like the arrangement and colours of that third-to-last shot.

  3. I love lots of color. Unfortunately, I'm looking out at lots of white. Ugh.